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Ability to earn income is the most important asset during our lifetime. Protection of your income if you become temporarily or permanent disabled is a necessity. The “call to eternal rest” of a breadwinner before retirement has direct negative impact on the welfare of the family.

Sanlam Income Protection Plan is designed to protect the income of breadwinners against the risks of death or disability through illness or accident to ensure sustainable income that lives to support the breadwinner and the family. The cover amount is based on your annual income. The plan enables you to care for yourself and family irrespective of death or disability.

The plan is designed with two packages including:

  • Classic Package
  • Prestige Package
Minimum and Maximum Cover Amounts

The minimum cover amount offered under the plan is Ghs50,000. The maximum cover amount is linked to multiples of your annual income subject to maximum cover amount of Ghs6 million, considering the number of years you have from policy start date to the selected retirement age.
The policy provide cover for your income before retirement.

Minimum Premium

The monthly premium payable under the policy is determined by considering the cover amount selected, the age of the lives insured under the policy and the medical information obtained.

Plan Tenure/Term

The plan is designed with tenure linked to the active working years of the breadwinner with minimum term of five (5) years. The policyholder has the option to select the policy end date at any age from age 60 to 65.

Who can have cover on your policy?

Yourself as breadwinner being the policyholder. The policy can be extended to your spouse.

The minimum age of entry is 18 years, and the maximum age of entry is 50/55 years.


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Death Cover Benefit

The cover amount selected will be paid as lump sum in the event of death of the policyholder or spouse or both. Where savings option is selected, the fund value of the savings account will be paid in addition to the cover amount.


Permanent Disability Cover Benefit

The cover amount selected will be paid as lump sum in the event of permanent disability of the policyholder or covered spouse or both. The policy cover disability from accident as well as illness. Where the savings option is selected, the fund value of the savings account will be paid in addition to the cover amount.


Temporary Disability Cover Benefit

In the event of temporary disability of the policyholder or covered spouse, 10% of the cover amount is paid as lump sum.


Cash Back Benefit

The policy provides cash back benefit equal to 10% of the cover premium paid every 3 years once the policy is active.


Retrenchment Waiver of Premium Benefit

The cover premium under this policy will be waived for a period of 3 months if the policyholder or covered spouse is retrenched or while the policy is active. The cover remains in-force during the 3 months period. The savings premium is excluded under this benefit. This benefit is oered only under the prestige package.


Money Back Benefit

The policy pays the total cover premium paid at the end of the selected policy end date as money back benefit to the policyholder. This benefit is payable even if the policyholder made a temporary or permanent disability benefit claim under the policy. This benefit is oered only under the prestige package.


Savings Benefit

The plan has the saving option subject to minimum monthly contribution of Ghs20 into a savings account attached to the policy. The savings premium will be invested to generate returns for the policyholder.

The savings benefit provides withdrawal benefit every year, after the third year and at the policy end date. Up to 100% of the savings fund value can be withdrawn after every three (3) years from the start of the policy. At the policy end date, the fund value of the savings account is paid.


Other Key features

Automatic Annual Cover Increase
We care about the value of your cover due to the impact of inflation. The policy provides an automatic inflation protector of the cover amount selected from the eects of living expenses resulting from inflation. You have an option to increase the automatic annual premium increase for a higher increase of your cover amount to maintain the value of your cover amount.

Premium Increase
Cover Amount Increase
10%Standard (7.5%)

The table below provides the annual premium increase options and the corresponding increase in cover amount.

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