Education plan is crucial for parents, ensuring uninterrupted learning. Sanlam Life supports financial empowerment, addressing challenges like disability or parental demise.



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It is a lifetime desire of every parent to give their children and dependents uninterrupted education/vocational training to acquire employable and/or entrepreneurial skills when they are alive, disabled or, called to eternal rest.

At Sanlam Life, we appreciate the need to empower parents with financial confidence to educate their children through the various stages of education and vocational training.

The cost of educating children can be challenging. The cost includes school fees, accommodation, clothing, feeding, books, medical care, other learning materials etc.

  • Do you intend to have children or have children and you want to ensure secure provision for their
  • How will the fees and welfare of your children be catered for in the event of call to eternal rest, or loss of income through disability?
  • What happens if your pure savings to educate your children are not enough in the event of call to eternal rest? Will your children drop out of school?
  • Does your savings to educate your children consider the increasing cost of education?

  • Given the age and stage of your children, will your savings accumulate the amount of money you will need to finance the educational expenses of your children at the tertiary level?

Sanlam Education Plan

Sanlam Education Plan addresses the above questions
and provide financial protection for the education of
every Ghanaian child to enable parents to live a life of
confidence knowing that what matters most to them is
protected by Sanlam Education Plan.

This product is designed with flexible options to cater for
the needs of everyone.

Minimum Cover Amount

The minimum cover amount oered under the plan is Ghs10,000 but maximum cover amount is linked to the cost of educating your child.

The full estimated cost of educating the child becomes the cover amount to ensure the protection of the education of the beneficiary child against call to eternal rest or disability of the parent guardian.

Minimum Premium

The minimum monthly premium under the plan is Ghs100.00. The cover amount and selected term together with the age of the parent determine the monthly premium payable over the life of the policy.

Who can have cover on your policy?

The plan covers the parent being the policyholder under the policy

Plan Tenure

The plan is designed with tenure linked to the age and stage of the beneficiary child with minimum tenure of ten (10) years.

Beneficiary and Trustee

The sponsored child is the beneficiary and should be named in the policy as such. The parent being the policyholder shall be the trustee under the policy. The parent is however free to name another person above the age of 18 as trustee in the event of their demise.

Trustee becomes applicable if the child being the beneficiary is younger than 18 years.

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Savings Benefits

The plan has a savings benefit, and the savings premium will be invested prudently to generate returns to enable the parent to finance the educational expenses of children during the lifetime of the parent.

1. Maturity Benefit
The plan pays the fund value as a maturity benefit. The fund value is made up of savings premiums plus investment return allocated to the fund less withdrawals and applicable allocated charges.

The payment of the maturity benefit will be made in the last 4 years of the policy in annual installments as per the table below:

Benefit Payment Year

of Fund Value Payable
3rd year before maturity date30%
2nd year before maturity date40%
Last year before maturity date55%
Maturity date100%


2. Partial Withdrawal Benefit
This plan allows the withdrawal of up to 50% of the fund value of the policy annually after the first three (3) years of the policy.

3. Retrenchment Waiver of Premium Benefit
We will pay premiums under this policy shall be waived for a period of 3 months if the parent, as the policyholder, is retrenched or declared redundant while the policy is active. The cover remains in force during the 3 months period.
The savings premium is excluded under this benefit.

Savings Benefits

The plan covers the parent being the policyholder as the life assured and provides the following benefits:

1. Death Cover Benefit
The cover amount selected in addition to the fund value will be paid in the event of death of the parent to finance the education of the beneficiary child.

2. Physical Impairment Cover Benefit
The cover amount selected in addition to the fund value will be paid in the event of total disability of the parent to finance the education of the beneficiary child.

Product Key Features

Automatic Annual Cover Increase
We care about the value of your benefits due to inflation. The Policy provides a standard 10% automatic inflation protector of the cover amount selected from the eects of rising costs of education and living expenses i.e., inflation to the extent of the premium increase selected to preserve the value of the benefits to finance the educational expenses of your child under this policy.

The table below provides the annual premium increase options and the corresponding increase in cover amount.

Premium Increase

Cover Amount Increase
10%Standard (7.5%)


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